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Healing Mind, Body, & Soul

Reiki, Sound, Breathwork, Meditation



Aligned Soul was created to help bring you back into full alignment with your Higher Self. To empower you on your healing journey and hold space to release what is no longer serving you. To help tune into the energy of love, gratitude, abundance, and own your authenticity.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi

My Services


One on One Reiki Session

A session includes Reiki, chakra balancing, cleansing and clearing any blockages. Balances your energy field and helps reduce/eliminate stress. Relief from anxiety, depression, emotional traumas, pain, chronic pain. Helps feel rested, peaceful, calm, energized, and happy. Spiritual guidance from messages received during the session.

One on One Sound Bath

Sound Bath, Breathwork,

Holy Fire Reiki Meditation.

Nurture your mind and body by immersing 

yourself in a meditative state with healing sound waves. As you sit or lie down with eyes closed, sound vibrations wash over you, taking you on an inward journey. You'll leave feeling relaxed, aligned, energized, and uplifted. Spiritual guidance from messages received during your session.

Group Sound Bath

Must have 2 or more people in order to book. This can also be booked for special events, bridal showers, mothers blessings, baby showers, birthday parties, any special occasion. Come heal as a collective. Everything that is included in a Sound bath session + intuitive message for the collective at the end of the session. Please read full description before booking.


First off Leslie is amazing! I went in not ever having really heard of or known about reiki so initially I was very nervous but man by the end of my first session I was literally in shock of how amazing this way of healing worked. Leslie calmed all my nerves, made me feel SO comfortable, explained everything and just made it a safe space for me. It was such an amazing experience that has changed my life for the better. She guides you, hears you out and just has a way of explaining and telling you things that just makes it such a pleasant experience. I was so happy to have her with me starting this healing journey. The practices she gives you to enhance the healing are so helpful and she's so knowledgeable and genuinely so caring and sweet. Of course everyone's session is unique but I loved mine so much that I immediately recommended her to my friends and booked more sessions after that. I recommend her to all because she is absolutely amazing and I hope everyone gets to experience a session and start their journey. Leslie is such a beautiful soul inside and out so don't hesitate and book a session!

Ok, I'm gonna try and do leslie justice here. I've done, on separate occasions, a reading and energy cleaning. I guess there are multiple layers to the subtlety of work like this. Every one of them click. 
Leslie herself is as sweet, as caring, as sensitive, as passionate a human as they come. So come nervous, come confident, come however; she's gonna make the experience comfortable. 
The experience of her practice itself was as deeply resounding, resonating, satisfying, empowering - whatever your favorite spiritual keyword might be - as possible for me. 
For someone who's spent years now learning about the deeper, more translucent aspects of my being, Leslie came along at the perfect time and took it to a new level that I was completely ready for. 
She's good at what she does. That's what I'm getting at. 6 out of 5 stars.

- J.J

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